Buildertrend Case Study

A website that put sales strategy first, supporting a 45% YOY increase in revenue.

The Challenge

Even successful companies can hit sales roadblocks. When Buildertrend’s founders approached Peer, they had a large team of talented sales reps waiting for new leads that weren’t materializing, thanks to a subpar website that failed to engage visitors and fell short in representing the company’s distinctively fun, high-tech brand.

The Solution

It was clear to our team that Buildertrend was in need of a web presence that put sales strategy first, not only engaging visitors with a beautifully branded design, but nurturing leads for more promising outcomes. Peer designed a new digital experience that supports each target audience along their unique buyer journeys, allowing them to do their own research and guiding them to conversion.

Our planning and redesign process involved researching prospective customers at every stage of the sales funnel and developing carefully targeted features, resources, and content.


Top of funnel

  • Copy focused on pain points to convey a universal problem
  • Benefit-driven content highlighting Buildertrend as the solution
  • Online library of thought leadership, videos, and educational content

Middle of funnel

  • Engaging testimonials foster trust
  • Relatable case studies encourage prospects to imagine the tool for their own business
  • On-demand feature demos depict the product in action
  • Industry-specific landing pages provide more focused content
  • Expanded online resources, including podcasts and blogs, inspire further engagement

Bottom of funnel

  • Strategically placed lead capture and demo request forms to motivate prospects to take the next step
  • Prominent 30-Day Free Trial offer
  • Landing pages, forms, and instant chat to collect leads and educate prospects
  • Customer stories and case studies targeted toward specific industries

The traditional agency model of ‘brand first, sales second’ doesn’t meet the needs of our business. We chose Peer because it was very obvious they understand SaaS, and how buyers today think.

Peer Sales Agency client photo

Steve Dugger

Buildertrend Co-founder

The Results


Since Peer planned and developed the company’s new digital experience, Buildertrend has seen 45% year-over-year revenue growth. The company’s new website has provided an on-brand resource that empowers prospects to gather the information they need to make informed buying decisions.


The website’s new design and on-brand look set the foundation for their entire online presence, including social platforms.


The site features content on every page that addresses each stage of the buyer journey, while collecting and nurturing leads through the sales funnel.


Its modern platform allows for easy editing and fully integrates with the client’s CRM.


Buildertrend’s sales reps now have insight into prospects who revisit the site, helping them open up productive sales conversations with more confidence.


Today, Buildertrend’s sales team is busier than ever, and the company has continued to grow despite the COVID-19 pandemic, acquiring investment from Bain Capital — one of the largest private equity funds in the United States.

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