Core10 Case Study

A partnership that enabled an
overworked, overloaded executive to
focus on her aggressive growth goals.

The Challenge

Core10 Co-Founder & President, Lee Farabaugh, knew starting a company would take effort and she was ready to work hard. So, she didn't say "no" to taking on more and more of the sales and marketing needs of her company. Unfortunately, acting as the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer took away from Lee's main focus of hitting aggressive revenue and company growth goals.

Knowing that hiring a single individual who could "do it all" was far-fetched but lacking the budget to hire an entire marketing department, Lee decided she needed a reliable outsourced partner instead. One that was comfortable playing an integral role in the success of her growth-focused company.


The Solution

Core10 needed a partner to provide sales AND marketing support. Lee knew the expensive, old-school agency route focused on retainers and set hours wasn't the way to go, they are a small business, afterall. But with Peer, Lee knew right away that she had found a flexible partner willing to fill gaps as needed and support Core10 in hitting their growth targets.

Peer Sales Agency - marketing work sample


Peer helped hone Core10’s message to clearly communicate their value, provided them with an updated brand to stand out in the market, and created educational content to attract and nurture leads, inspire action, and help close deals.

Peer Sales Agency - sales work sample


In addition to key sales enablement materials, Peer provided sales training and coaching to help the internal Core10 sales team feel more confident and empowered during calls.

Peer Sales Agency - growth example


Assisting in the presentation of information to both the Core10 Board of Directors and Core10 investors, Peer helped the company obtain approvals and more funding to meet their aggressive goals, including the acquisition of another company. Peer also helped to align the two brands post merger.

Peer Sales Agency - recruitment example


Peer also helped Core10 with a recruitment campaign needed to fill the onslaught of new positions as they grew, to help funnel hiring leads to the HR department.

For a company our size, having an in-house marketing team doesn't make sense. We don't need a full-time writer or creative director—we need fractions of those people—which is why it works to work with Peer, we have access to those people, but only when we need them.


Lee Farabaugh

Co-Founder & President, Core10

The Results


With Peer taking the lead, Core10 saw a fresh pipeline of 147 new leads within about a year of partnership.


A newly designed website which acts as an active member of the Core10 sales team, educating potential customers and generating new leads. It is focused on recognizing the challenges that prospects face and clearly communicating how Core10 adds value.


A fresh cache of content based on Core10’s marketing funnel was designed specifically for buyers and helps Core10 speak in their customers’ language in a way that is both educational and attractive.


By outsourcing the needs of an entire sales and marketing department, Lee was not only able to gain traction toward her goals, but she was able to shift her focus to things she was passionate about—like presenting her innovative and unique Hereshore® model of economic development at TEDx.

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