Ketchup Popsicles: Episode 2 - Listening over Talking w/ Brody Deren

By Kevin Kerrigan


In this episode of the podcast, host Kevin Kerrigan sits down with Brody Deren, Chief Strategy Officer at Trility Consulting, to discuss their approach to business development.

Trility Consulting is a rapidly growing consulting firm that specializes in helping companies navigate complex technological challenges. Brody explains how he views the necessary characteristics of sales representatives attracting new clients and providing consultative sales in order to cross-sell and upsell additional services.

Rather than relying on individual salespeople to close deals, Trility Consulting takes listening over talking approach to sales. Brody explains how this approach allows them to understand the client's needs better and create tailored solutions that truly meet those needs.

Kevin and Brody also discuss some of the challenges and opportunities that come with this approach, including the importance of effective communication and collaboration within the team.

Throughout the conversation, Brody shares valuable insights and lessons learned from his experience implementing this team sales approach at Trility Consulting. Whether you're in the consulting industry or simply interested in exploring different sales strategies, this episode is sure to be both informative and engaging.


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