Case study: Sales Accelerator

By Ryan Mack

The Challenge:

In today’s market, companies need more than attractive collateral to sell products and services. Unfortunately, most ad agencies still operate on the traditional model focused on creativity rather than end results.

Many companies turn to traditional ad agencies for relief only to find themselves buried beneath new problems. Peer was presented with this issue from clients again and again, but knew from experience that growing sales doesn’t have to be stressful.

sales accelerator

The Solution:

Clients needed a partner who could provide sales first and marketing support second — without inflated promises or expensive up-front retainers. So, Peer — a different kind of agency — created the Sales Accelerator program, which includes:

  • A multichannel outbound sales program
  • More dependable leads in your pipeline
  • Access to key decision makers
  • Assets that act like a sales team member


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