Case study: Ty's Outdoor Power

By Ryan Mack

The Challenge:

Ty’s Outdoor Power & Service wasn’t seeing ROI from its marketing efforts, which were primarily focused on traditional outlets, including radio, print, and TV. The company’s internal marketing coordinator was unable to show revenue attribution to the marketing tactics — and unable to find a path forward through new, more profitable mechanisms due to a lack of knowledge and experience.


The company’s founder and owner, Ty Lisiecki, knew there had to be a different, more effective way to get his message to a broader audience, but he needed some outside expertise to help him make it a reality.


The Solution:

Peer’s research and discovery process revealed that, with big-box stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s offering more options in the small engine division, Ty’s needed to reach residential customers and show them the value of buying local, from a specialized shop. We put together a comprehensive turnkey solution that coupled Ty’s product capabilities with its reputation for excellent customer service, creating a compelling, locally-focused narrative to engage prospective customers.

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