Ty's Outdoor Power Case Study

A media strategy that
grew annual revenue by 122%

The Challenge

Ty’s Outdoor Power & Service wasn’t seeing ROI from its marketing efforts, which were primarily focused on traditional outlets, including radio, print, and TV. The company was unable to show revenue attribution to the marketing tactics — and unable to find a path forward through new, more profitable mechanisms.

The company’s founder and owner, Ty Lisiecki, knew there had to be a different, more effective way to get his message to a broader audience, but he needed some outside expertise to help him make it a reality.

The Solution

Peer’s research and discovery process revealed that, with big-box stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s offering more options in the small engine division, Ty’s needed to reach residential customers and show them the value of buying local, from a specialized shop. We put together a comprehensive turnkey solution that coupled Ty’s product capabilities with their reputation for excellent customer service, creating a compelling, locally focused narrative to engage prospective customers.

First, we researched how the marketing budget was being spent, channel by channel.


From there, we created a strategic message that aligned with buyer problems and presented Ty’s as the solution.


After taking the time to understand what had worked or failed in the past, we quickly implemented a digital marketing strategy, fully connected to the sales team via HubSpot CRM.


Every lead was immediately routed to an outside or inside sales rep, who followed up within minutes of receiving the lead.


As we reported on the efficacy of each channel, funds were moved away from poor performers and injected into more effective mediums.

Our digital tactics included:


Search engine marketing (Google ads)


Paid advertising on Facebook


Organic social media


Email marketing to current customers


OTT and CTV (Hulu, Sling, YouTube TV)


Streaming radio (iHeartMedia, Pandora, Spotify)

Peer has not only been an incredible marketing arm for our business — they dramatically improved our sales process at the same time. As the leads started to increase, Peer worked directly with the sales team to ensure no balls dropped out of the funnel. They are definitely not your typical agency; it’s all about growing revenue, supporting sales, and telling a good story to our buyers. Ryan and Sara have truly created something special.


Ty Lisiecki


The Results


By successfully migrating a traditional advertising strategy to a mixed-channel strategy with 65% invested in digital tactics, the new strategy allowed for real-time tracking of buyer behavior and engagement, as well as immediate qualification and follow-up with interested buyers.


Peer’s decision to use digital marketing to gauge interest in the new market resulted in a groundswell before announcing Ty’s next grand opening. And, within the first year of our partnership, Ty’s saw significant growth, allowing the company to open its third location in a new market.


Thanks to thoughtful strategy and close collaboration between Ty’s and the Peer team, Ty’s Outdoor Power & Service is now considered best-in-class for small engine dealerships across the Midwest.

Key Results:


122% in annual revenue growth
($9,000,000 in 2018 to $20,000,000)


Increased outside sales quota
($1,000,000 to $3,200,000)


Facebook audience doubled
(1,560 to more than 3,219)


Reduced marketing spend by 30%
by leveraging digital channels


Immediate lead follow-up resulted in a 25% increase in closed deals, simply by returning a buyer’s inquiry while they were still in a purchasing mood


Client was #1 Hustler Turf mower dealer in the United States in 2020


Increased co-op reimbursement funds from manufacturers by 300%

It all starts with the right strategy.

Ty and his team knew there was a better way to market their company, but they needed the right partner to help make it happen. Now their small engine shop has doubled its revenue and expanded its footprint in ways it had only dreamed of.

Peer can help you make the changes and implement the strategy you need to grow your market share, too.

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